Monday, 11 August 2008


I've been working on my Picasa album. There is a great tool for teachers to order files and pictures as well as a great opportunity to share it with everybody.


pilarcep said...

Congratulations for this great work you have done. It is a big amount of materials very useful for english classes.
Undoubtly, your pupils must be very amused and learn a lot.
Kisses, Pilar

Laura Meseguer said...

Thanks Pilar for all your support and comments! You are always there! I just want to share all my materials to help other teachers and students in the same way they help me! Sharing is another way of learning. Take care!

MAR CASTON said...

I'm a primary teacher in Castelló (Comunitat Valenciana). I'm delighted with your blog and your picasa web. Thanks to share these materials and your ideas with us. You are a great help. My blog address