Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Numbers, numbers...

Hi students!
We've been revising numbers in today's lesson, and there are some points you must study.
Here you've got a list with the ordinal and cardinal numbers.
Listen to their pronunciation and learn them.

Exercise on Numbers

Exercise on Cardinal Numbers

Exercise on Ordinal Numbers


isabel said...

teacher the numbers are fantastic!!:)you are my favourite teacher!!:)bstss^^

Laura Meseguer said...

Hi student!! You're working hard this year!! Keep on working!!

isabel said...

Laura my favorite teacher!!! your I like explanations because you make us re-go and do me that the Englishman's class me passes rapidly!!(LL)bstss pretty!!^^:)

Laura Meseguer said...

Hi pretty! Thanks for the comment and keep on learning English and working as you know! CU in class

isabel said...

teacher aora en spanish teacherr ke me lo paso mui bnn contigo y te copio una cosiillaa en el msn (lo de pakito el paco paco)mira el msnnn